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wodFtpDLX.NET - Download wodFtpDLX.NET, versione 1.6.5

Al momento non abbiamo una recensione per il software: wodFtpDLX.NET, versione 1.6.5. Se desiderate scrivere una recensione per questo software, potete mandarcela e noi saremo molto lieti di aggiungerla sul sito.

Secure FTP client .NET 2.0 component that supports encrypted and non-encrypted FTP access to the servers for transferring files or complete directories. It supports old, very common, FTP protocol, but also secured FTPS (FTP+SSL) and SFTP (FTP+SSH). No matter what protocol is selected - it is completely transparent for programming. Same methods and same events apply for all protocols.

Features include
- FTP, FTP+SSL with and without encrypted data channel, and SFTP (SSH subsystem) protocols
- Certificate authentication for FTP+SSL protocols, or private key authentication for FTP+SSH protocol
- Internal parsing of received directory listings - get names, sizes, ownerships etc.. directly from our interface, through Dir Items collection
- Both ASCII and Binary transfer modes supported, no matter if server allows them or not
- List Dir and List Names methods for directory listing
- Put File and Get File for storing and retrieving files (to file or to data stream)
- Put Files, Get Files, Delete Files, Loop Files for recursive uploads and downloads
- Resume support
- Passive and Active data connections for FTP and FTPS protocols
- Blocking mode support
- Set of events that notify you about method competition
- Large files >4.2gb support
- Timeout support
- Renaming, creating of directories, deletion of files and directories......

Simple interface, powerful code
wodFtpDLX.NET has no intention on providing deepest protocol specific commands (like ACCT, STOU or whatever). It provides only commands that can apply to all 3 supported protocols. But - when it provides something - it does everything automatically for you. You don't have to think about opening data ports, you don't have to think on sending appropriate commands, setting modes etc.. You need to download file? Call Get File - that's all. wodFtpDLX.NET will do everything else for you.



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